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Best Internet Marketing Question

Laura asks…

Where can I find the Best Internet Marketing Products?

scottparat answers:

I wouldnt know my friend but ive got some idea now lol tc

Daniel asks…

What are some of the best internet marketing jobs?

scottparat answers:

Well there are great internet marketing jobs but you must find one that suits YOU.
Become a critical thinker.

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Microblogging Question

Betty asks… I want to start something like twitter, what’s a good and catchy name? for my social networking and microblogging service? thanks in advance…I will delete when I get the best name, don’t want to be sued down the line. scottparat answers: Flipper.. It’s where you flip on dumb people who make the collective […]


Blogging For Profit Using Article Stalker And Slick WP Autoposter

For most people it doesn’t need to be said, but if you’re a newbie or just getting started with blogging then you should know that WordPress is the King of Blogging Platforms especially if your model will be blogging for profit. This simply means if you want to start blogging then you really need to […]

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