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Best Internet Marketing Software Question

Donna asks…

What is the best,most updated anti-virus software on the market?

i currently run trend micro pc-Cillen internet security. it does well except when it tells me it detects a virus and catches nothing on scan. i just would like some suggestions on a different software

scottparat answers:

For good, free and recommended security programs, please go here…

I recommend AVG as an anti virus, although eTrust’s 12 month free trial is excellent (I’m using it and am extremely impressed).
If you need other programs, go for Zone Alarm firewall, AVG anti spyware (formerly Ewido) and SpywareBlaster.

If you click on the names in that list I gave you and it will take you to the official download site.

Please ensure that you keep them all updated for full protection and check for any updates when you first download them.

Charles asks…

what is the best computer monitoring software for kids in the market today?

Needs to know all the pc activities when they are using social networking internet site. without knowing that it is installed in the computer

scottparat answers:


This would be the best, but I don’t know why you are so opposed to actually talking to your kids about this stuff.

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