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Best Internet Marketing Software Question

Betty asks…

which one is best internet marketing software?

scottparat answers:

Afinium is by far the best internet marketing software I have used in all my years as a CMO – chief marketing officer. Affordable, powerful and easy to use / learn

t has won loads of awards and ius used by the biggest comapneis in the world as well as SMEs / SMBs

The chap I deel with there is on 00447877821663 – he has enabled me to fast track my career and I now sit on the board of a Fortune 1000 company, as the tools from Afinium make me look incredible as I can consistently outperform my competitors with ease!

Helen asks…

what is the best internet security software out on the market?

im stuck between CA Internet Securty, Webroot Internet Security, and Trend Micro Internet Security

which one is better and why?
norton or anything else that takes up more than 256 megs of memory are out of the question.

norton is the biggest memory hog in the market. it slows your computer down so much that it was a waste of money for the memory that you put in. i want something that gives a punch without sacrificing speed
trend micro detects viruses before they install themselves, no matter what it is that you open

scottparat answers:

Trend Micro is my favorite of the 3 you listed

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