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Best Internet Marketing Tools Question

Sharon asks…

I am confused about adwords and ppc I started a website and trying to get traffic?

could some web masters and internet marketers advice me about good websites where I could learn about these subjects there are so many and so many are saying different things. Which sites offered you the best advice when you first got started. May I ask also what are the best free or low cost ppc and affiliate marketing tool out there that I could use to get started I have limited funds as I am getting started on a shoe string budget I look at Mass Control and Google Cash detective but they are way beyond my budget are there free or cheap alternatives that are just as good or just plain good to get started, help a newbe out you was one at one time too. Thanks for your help.

scottparat answers:

Yes,read free case study about Mark

James asks…

Blue Ray / HD DVD the war continues. Update what do you think? I have no bias on either side.?

Format war is always a nightmare but hopefully one that will eventually come to a conclusion. So with the new events that have been taking place where is a consumer at from a buyer’s viewpoint.
No Xbox, PS3 too much bias tension, or Beta/VHS comments. Why? Cause Sony developed both formats & sold VHS b/c it was inferior. They took the approach that the best product sells period, & underestimated the selling power of good marketing. Besides in modern research, tools like the internet allow buyers to be more informed about what they are buying. So comments really aren’t relevant for our era.
Updates: WB goes exclusive Blue Ray. Joining Sony pictures, Fox, Disney and others. On HD’s sidline there is Paramount. All though a lone wolf a very powerfull one still.
Price, if you look at the prices they really have met an even keel. Both players & movies. Blue Ray holds the advantage in the way that Samsung, Sony, LG & many others make Blue Ray players. Hd players only avail through Toshiba

scottparat answers:

Hard drives and internet distribution will be the real winners. The era of shinny plastic disks is over.

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