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James asks…

Questions about the book Riding the Bear by Sy Harding (Book on Statistics)?

Typically, I never like to ask people a huge favor but I am in a bit of a dilemma. Currently I am taking 18 hours in college and I am backed up with so many things I need to do that the stress is just making me want to freeze. I have a book report due by the end of the week and it is really easy but I don’t have the time or money to go and get the book, I also have numerous other things I need to do that can effect my grade much more than this book report in my other classes. An associate of mine in the class claims that she found all of the answers on the internet and she received a 100 on it. I on the other hand just can’t spend 45 minutes right now on searching for the answers. So if anyone out there in Yahoo! land can help me out by possibly directing me to a site where I can find the answers to the following questions or if you know the answer and can spend a donate a few minutes to type it out then I would be forever grateful and I can’t promise to pay you back but I will promise to pay it forward in the future. (Yea, like the movie :P)

1) What period of the year usually provides the best average stock market gains and why.

2) What period of the year usually provides the least average gains and why?

3) What analytical tool can be used to fine tune the best dates of entry and exit of the stock market.

4) What financial tool (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, futures, commodities, options) is best suited for the techniques discussed in the book and why?

5) What is the name of the annual publication of stock market statistics mentioned by the author?

6) Who is in charge of providing for your retirement?

I also promise to never take 18 hours again, HUGE mistake on my part. I am happy to announce however that if I do decent on the next few assignments then I should get all A’s ;) Talk about hard work.
Well Stan, personally I don’t believe you but if it is true then I congratulate your parents for teaching you the value of hard work. I also congratulate you for learning how to pass on that trait. You’ll either picked some damn good professors, are a family of professional con artists, or you all have a horrible case of insomnia.
By the way, I wasn’t looking for a direct answer. I was looking for a bit of guidance on where to find the answer. Technically, well according to you Stan, anyone who finds an answer from a book on the internet is subject to debate on their personal integrity. I say this because someone blatantly typed out the answer on their site which would be just like reading it here.

scottparat answers:

Sorry guy but I don’t do specific homework problems. I never carried more than 12 hours as an under grad or grad student, but I did work a minimum of 60 hours per week and had a wife and two kids. It is a matter or personal integrity as to if you have someone else do your research and answer homework questions and pass them off as yours. Or, you do the best you can, do your own work and receive the grade you earned. By the way my daughter worked as a paramedic with 24 on 24 off shifts and carried 12 credits per semester. My grandson carries 18 hours and works part-time in a research lab. It can be done, it is difficult but you need to man up and do it on your own.

Laura asks…

Can you tell me if this business letter sounds “official”? Would you be interested?

Dear {insert business name here},

Keeping up in the current business world can be difficult. New technology puts new strains on the business owner. The internet has been such a fantastic tool when it comes to marketing and advertising, but it can be a little intimidating.. How do I buy a domain name? Okay, what is a domain name? How much will it cost me? Who will help me pick out the best host plans for my needs? How can I get a nice looking, affordable website on a budget? This is so frustrating!

(yahoo character limit… continued below)
It’s come to my attention that your business isn’t located on the net yet. But I can help you change that. My name is Courtney Steen, and I’m a local free-lance web designer right over here in Ankeny. I’ve been in the internet community for 5 years. I specialize in taking care of the small and local business owners… Why? Because I’m a small business owner myself! I like to create a very intimate bond between my clients and I. Best of all, my price is right and unbeatable in this industry.

If you’re even a little bit interested, please check out my website and see what I can do for you. I’m willing to drive within 25 miles of the Des Moines area for a no pressure consultation; otherwise I’m perfectly fine chatting with you about what you want out of your website over the phone or e-mail ( Even if you don’t choose me to assist in your internet expeditions, I can gladly point you in the direction that would be best suited for you and your businesses’ needs.
Happy surfing,

Courtney Steen
Piano Petal Designs

scottparat answers:

Change “local free-lance” to “professional”.

Tips: Don’t use “local free-lance”. Seem to sound like lack of experiences.

Change “small and local business” to “major business”.

Take out the ‘small’ in “I’m a small business owner myself!” to “I’m a business owner myself! “.

Tips: Don’t use “small” or “local” in business letter. Seem to imply that they cannot afford to hire professional.

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