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Blogger Themes For WordPress Question

Daniel asks…

What blogging site is easiest to use and looks the nicest (like you can put on cool backgrounds))?

I’m going to start like a crafty arty blog. and I’m currently using blogger (blogspot) but I was wondering what is the simplest to use.
I would aslo really like to use a site when you can like change the background and font and make the presentation really nice.

Any suggestions on what blogging site is the best to use?

scottparat answers:

Http:// is my WP site, they have a million and one themes, or you could make your own, they beat out every other blogging system out there!


Lisa asks…

What do I need to do to create a site that hosts other people’s blogs?

I want to have a site like blogger or wordpress and host other people’s blogs and provide them with a choice of themes and dashboard, etc. How would I begin to do that and in the cheapest way?

scottparat answers:

1: Learn to program (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, or any other server-side scripting language). Learn it well, because you’ll need to make sure your code runs well and fast.

2: Learn (at minimum) the following web and server technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, RSS, JSON, JavaScript (including AJAX), SQL, and Apache (or IIS). The last one isn’t entirely necessary, because you can get someone else to host your site. But if you want to do it on the cheap, you might consider self-hosting at first, so you’ll need to learn that. Plus some DNS and TCP/IP stack knowledge wouldn’t kill ya’.

3: Learn to write secure code. If you’re going to allow others to post information to your site, you really need to make sure they can’t take over your site with a simple SQL injection.

4: Learn to write maintainable code. Get friendly with MVC methodology (some implementations of it wouldn’t hurt either, like Rails) and OOP (Object Oriented Programing). That way you won’t find yourself spending 2 weeks sorting through the impact of making a minor change or fixing a minor bug.

Once you have that all down, you’ll have the skills required to make a successful website on your own. There aren’t a lot of short cuts that make such a thing simple. It takes a lot of work. That’s why all those Silicon Valley geeks are so rich. :-)

EDIT: I love Korgrue’s answer, too. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and I’m working on a master’s degree (also in computer science). And I only have about 85% of the skills I listed above.

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