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Mark asks…

What is the best website hosting company?

I want to build a website but I need to know who is the best, considering price, quality and features. So far, I have looked a little bit into Joomla, Intuit, Host Gator and Wix. I have not started with any of them but I would love to hear your opinion about the matter. Thanks in advance!

scottparat answers:

Someone asked much the same question a few hours ago:;_ylt=AmydS4jed54yJ_IiWUNpcGnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111011121550AAsdst6

Joomla is a site engine most hosting companies will make available, if you don’t have to get fancy and just want to put content on the web, you might look into WordPress blogs, very popular with marketers, there are tons of free plugins and themes that can tailor it to many purposes.

One considerations, is there a chance you will be wanting to create more sites on the next couple of years, if so a $5 to $9 unlimited hosting account, that allows any number of sites may be the way to go, if you are only doing one you might find OK hosting for $3/mo these hosts generally include a domain name, just do a google search for your choice before committing and look for an excessive number of complaints.

Some (maybe hostgator) offer a little more hand holding and live support, if you want to economize your support would all by by email like messages with a 1 day delay.

Compared to 5 years ago, there are a number of quality free hosts available, most have a paid upgrade to a more full service account, Google’s Blogger has no upsells, although you can add on a domain name of your own that you can find for cost of about $10/yr. There appear to be about 1.6 Billion pages on Blogger. Facebook Fan pages are another example of valuable free space, for qualified businesses, products or personalities.

Helen asks…

What is the best way to create an anonymous blog?

I want to know technical details so people/readers (family, work, friends, etc) will not be able to trace it to me. I’m a normal woman who just wants a creative outlet and thinks this would be a new and exciting medium. But I don’t want people I know to read my intimate thoughts/ideas/poetry. I’d honestly rather have strangers do that, so my words just float on without attachment to me. FTR-I’m a pretty normal person-no creepy responses please. Thanks in advance.

scottparat answers:

You can sign up for a blog account under completely false information. No one says you have to give any thing that is true for any account except ones you need to buy online.

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