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Blogger Themes Free Question

Carol asks…

Where can I find a simple blogger layout? One where I can put my own image into the html?

I really like the way most xanga layouts are, with the blog, the side bar, (or two) and then a background image or header at the top where I can imput my own image for customization. please help!

scottparat answers:

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Some Themes:
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Mark asks…

How do you convert a web site to WordPress?

I have seen a lot of sites doing this lately.

What are the pros?
Any cons?
How would I do it?

If you have seen any tutorials, they are much appreciated.

scottparat answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

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Some Themes:


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