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Blogger Themes Free Question

Paul asks…

Is there a simple-to-use blogging site that allows two different bloggers?

My friend and I want to work together to create and maintain a blog. We would love to be able to use different accounts to log in and post articles, kind of like two separate administrators.

A free site that is capable of formatting, because a lot of our content might end up relying on screenshots or other internet excerpts.

scottparat answers:

I think that WordPress and Blogger allows you to create users or authors on a single blog. You can assign limits too, like creating an admin and an author. Yes, you can even create two administrators. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use blogging tool with nice themes and formats, minus the CSS or coding works, you can try Tumblr. This site can help increase traffic to your website as well, through reblogs. The only downside is the SEO part when search engines crawl for your site.

David asks…

How are you supposed to install a WordPress theme when FTP doesn’t work?

Since you cannot connect to WordPress with FTP, how are you supposed to apply another theme? The ones provided are so boring :(

scottparat answers:

You connect with the server, not WordPress with FTP. Once you have logged in, you can edit any and all files on the server that are in your root directory.

FTP Clients:

Resetting Your Password:


Some Themes:
Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites:
Wordpress Blog Template Generator:
How to Make WordPress Themes (video):
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin:


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