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Chris asks…

How to allow my mum ease of editing my web designs?

I have just designed a website for my mum, and she wants to have a news page where she can put her latest news on this page. Instead of coming through me, how can I allow her to edit it herself, with an automatic creation of a new page, etc. Could I integrate some form or Blogger in to my website?

scottparat answers:

Have a look at Content Management Systems (CMSes) and blogging platforms.

There are a number of free packages available which can be installed on a server. From your point of view, I expect the main thing to find out is how easy they are to “theme”; that is, make the pages look how you want them to. I once looked into using Drupal for a site I was planning to build and found hardly any documentation at all about how to write a Drupal theme. I get the impression that WordPress is quite easy to theme (WordPress is both a blog hosting site and a piece of software that you can install on your own site to run a blog; I’m talking about the piece of software here.)

The software will provide a web interface with user accounts to allow users (i.e. Your Mum) to log in and update or change the website content. Most CMSes and blogging platforms support plug-ins which can provide additional functionality like automatic image galleries, commenting systems for visitors to use and methods for integrating with third-party Web services.

Alternatively, you may find it better to write your own CMS using PHP or another server-side scripting language, combined with a database. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can include only what you need for that one site, which could simplify the user interface for your Mum. The basic idea is to have a page template into which content can be placed from the database by a script, forming new pages. Then, you create a web interface that can edit the page content in the database. You can make it automatically do navigation links and indexes.

However, be warned that it is a ton of work to do it yourself, and you need to be careful you don’t create security vulnerabilities in your scripts.

It’s a good idea to have some sort of page cache in place so that each page is generated by a script only when the content changes. Then, when a visitor accesses the page, the page is served from the cache rather than causing a script to run every time (which could overload the server if lots of people are visiting at once).

Donald asks…

What are the requirements on a blog to start earning money via adsense?How much we can earn with adsense?

I recently started started blogging.I have few visitors
Myy blog is regarding magento themes ,Review it @
And When Can I get Started with adsense.
Is their any particular requirement on our blog to get started?

scottparat answers:

Add some more posts to increase your chances. They are more strict with free hosts and approving accounts, seeing that Blogger/Blogspot is owned by Google, you chances should be slightly increased.

You could always try other networks like:
Adwager [ ]
Chitika [ ]
Adbrite [ ]
Bidvertiser [ ]
Clicksor [ ]
Ad Pepper [… ]
Ad Hitz [ ]
Clickbooth [ ]
BuySell Ads [ ]

In my experience Adwager paid the most in the long run, however I encourage you to test different networks to see which ones perform the best for you.

You will make more money if you display more ads, there is no reason to exclusively display Adsense only. This also will free you from the three ads per page Adsense restriction/rule in their terms.

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