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Blogger Themes Free Question

Michael asks…

What is a good photography blogging website?

I want to start a storm photography blog and I don’t want to use fotolog because the interface is crappy and the main point is to make friends.. I want to network not “make friends” so is there a nice website where I can add photos day by day and blog about them? I don’t like tumblr or blogger either..

scottparat answers:

Try WordPress. I use a self-hosted site with my own domain name that I paid for but even the free version works great as well.

Photos look great on mine and it’s an easy to use interface. My main blog uses Thesis framework (only available on self-hosted domains) and my photo web site runs on the Twenty Eleven theme. Both serve me well and have been great with SEO (search engine optimization) rankings though I’m not 100% sure free blogs rank easily or well. I’d have to check out my favorite bloggers who aren’t using self-hosted domains.

William asks…

What is the best website to start a blog on?

I wanted to start my own blog and I was looking for your suggestions for which sites you think are the best to start one with.
I want to be able to post pictures, text, and music (maybe).
I only want to use a free blog host.

scottparat answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

Read the full article here:



Getting Started with WordPress:
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Blogging with WordPress:
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Blogger Help:
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