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Blogger Themes Like Tumblr Question

Mary asks…

Where can I download this theme?
I love it and I’ve been searching high and low for it because I’d like to use it for my own tumblr. The blogger provided a link, but it’s invalid. Does anyone know where I can find this exact theme? Thanks!

scottparat answers:

Zan is the one who made it, but he deleted his Tumblr awhile back. The only way to get the theme is to ask someone for the coding that still has that theme up!

Robert asks…

how can i add a hypster. com playlist to tumblr?

I created a playlist on but how can i get the code (if theres one to post it on tumblr?

scottparat answers:

Once you created an account, you’ll be here ( and on the right, there’s something called player skins, click that. Choose the first option (Bar widget for Tumblr/Blogger/Wordpress/Websites.
) get the code, put it in the theme code in tumblr, and you’re done :)

i used to have it, but some people really don’t like autoplay music.

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