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Blogger Themes Like Tumblr Question

Nancy asks…

Are there any good blogging sites?

Are there any really good blogging sites?
I would preferably like ones with good themes for your blog, not just plain themes.
I already know about WordPress,Blogspot,Blogger,Tumblr,Moonfruit,Wix,Xanga & SquareSpace.

Thanks In Advance.

scottparat answers:

Try , , Google site ,

Sandra asks…

Where can i find a website that allows me to set up a 100% FREE blog?

every site i come across tells me right @ the end that a fee is required…where can I find a site that is 100% FREE with no charge @ all

scottparat answers:

Top 10 Best Free Blog-Host-Providers

• Blogger – This is one of the more popular widely used blog hosts. Litterally millions of users !! They are free , offer heavy customization as well as themes. Just google the term “Blogger templates” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Almost forgot to mention that they have street cred to since they are part of Google!


• Xanga – This is another popular online blog host which caters to a younger audience such as high schoolers. It is not as customizable as blogger which may not be such a bad thing if you want to write something quick and easy without worrying about re-arranging this and that.


• LiveJournal – This is another great quality blog host that does not charge you a penny. I have personally used it and liked it a lot but it is similar to Xanga that it is not 100% customizable but in my opinion is a notch above Xanga.


• WordPress – WordPress is the the mecca of blogging origins. If you go on their site and look on the bottom, you can see well known media company names that depend upon wordpress like the New York Times or Yahoo. The great thing about wordpress is that it allows you to host and customize virutally anything. Any first time users will really want to create an account with them to get things rolling.


• Tumblr – Now I have not used Tumblr so I would be lying to say that I have first experience. But from what I have noticed most recently is that a lot of great websites out there use the Tumblr platform for blogging. It also looks to be quite as versatile as WordPress. Check it out!


• Weebly – Next up is a website / blog-host called Weebly. It is not well known but it does look promising as it offers free blog hosting and other tools to support you with.


• – Such an original name , and blunt to the point. I like that , don’t you ? At least it doesn’t sound like a weedwacker compared to the others. This website also follows the suit in offering free webhosting as well as support to help you create your own blog. Setting up an account doesn’t take too long either. So take advantage now !


• Thoughts – At the eighth spot I listed Thoughts as another blogging hosting provider. I haven’t checked it out too much. This is definatly great for those of you who want something a little less mainstream.


• Experience-Projects – Here is another provider for a person to start blogging away.


• Free-Blog-It – Seems to be another promising website to lend bloggers a helping hand.

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