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Blogger Themes Question

Sharon asks…

How do I add a layout to blogger?

I just got a blogger and I found some blogger layouts but I don’t know where to paste them at. Can you please give me specific instructions on how to do this?

scottparat answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

Read the full article here:

Some Themes:



Random WordPress Plugins: Rotating Banners, Header Art, Images, Quotes, and Content on Your Blog:
Plugins can extend WordPress:

Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites:

Blogger Template Generator:

How to add Social Networking Buttons Below Every Post:
25 Great Blogger Widgets:

John asks…

Other than or what are good sites that will allow me to set up a blog for free?

I want to set up a personal blog, but I’d like to know what is most customizable. What has great themes? Does it allow for use of own headers. More importantly does it have a Tags Feature.

scottparat answers:

Joomla, and Posterous are also pretty good. But I prefer WordPress myself.

WordPress will allow custom headers, footers and more choice in themes etc if you host the blog yourself. This requires a bit of web space somewhere, a little tinkering and a bit of technical knowledge. But eventually it gives you much greater flexibility. Check (not .com) for more info.

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