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Blogger Themes Question

William asks…

Which is the best site to find good blogger templates?

I have a nature blog and am searching for good templates. Please suggest some good themes or sites that has good themes.

scottparat answers:


Some Themes:
Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites:
Wordpress Blog Template Generator:
How to Make WordPress Themes (video):
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin:


Blogger Template Generator:
Add Blogger Templates to your Blogger Blog:


Donald asks…

What color themes should I get for my wedding in summer?

My wedding is on July 28th and I need help finding a color theme for my wedding for summer time any suggestions?

scottparat answers:

I just love brights for summer!


A cool, water color combo:

Sunny yellow:

Jade and champagne


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Email Etiquette Question

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