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Blogger Themes Question

Laura asks…

What ad program can I run on a website about porn addiction?

I want to start a blogger blog about beating porn addiction. I also want to monetize it. Adsense is to risky because I don’t want my other sites banned. What company will PPC and allow this type of topic?

scottparat answers:

I don’t think the content dealing with porn addiction is against Adsense TOS. They are against adult themes, but not websites that help people fight this addiction. Disclaimer: You still need to contact the adsense team if this type of content is allowed with adsense.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any other sites like adsense because they are the best.

Hope this helps

Joseph asks…

I need ideas for a bathroom theme?

my bathroom is very small–i like blues, purples, yellows, greens and reds, but i also like the nautical colors too…i was thinking of a lighthouse theme, but it may be difficult to find paraphenalia….any other ideas?

scottparat answers:

There’s always the classic rubber ducky bathroom theme. I’ve seen it look both charming and surprisingly sophisticated. Check out these bathrooms:

Or if you really like your lighthouse theme you should go for it. Like others said, there is plenty of lighthouse themed stuff out there. Plus lighthouse themes always tend to have crisp lines and bold colors, so they make a dramatic statement.

Have fun!

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