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Blogger Themes Question

Sharon asks…

How to design blogger layouts myself and play with the HTML?

I’ve always wanted to design my own blogger layouts and not use the default ones provided by Blogger. However, i have no idea on how to design my own blogger layout. I tried asking a friend and she said it has something to do with the HTML and couldn’t teach me unless if she teach me face to face. Another friend gave me this website to design my own layout, but i still can’t make my own layout. Can someone help me????

scottparat answers:

How to Do Templates:

How to Download and Edit a Template Video Tutorial:
How to Make a New Page Video Tutorial:
How to Upload Your Template Video Tutorial:


Some Themes:
Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites:
Wordpress Blog Template Generator:
How to Make WordPress Themes (video):
Gallifrey Image Gallery WordPress Plugin:


Blogger Template Generator:


Lizzie asks…

How can wordpress portfolio themes help those bloggers who write about business stuff?

It is a known fact that wordpress is one of the best blogging platform ever made for people who have interests in writing and sharing their thoughts whether it is personal or professional or spiritual. I just want to know if the use of themes really helpful to gain more readers or is it the content alone?

scottparat answers:

Having nice themes will definitely be one of the boosts for your blogspot if you are planning to make one. But the most important of all is the content, as per the Penguin update by google, they focus more on substantial content rather than overflowing of graphics and letters but without sense. So it is always safer to have the content and the beauty of the blog spot just to make sure you look impressive.

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