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Blogger Themes Question

Laura asks…

How do you get your blogger theme like this? For example a theme like that? Also how do you get your pictures larger?


scottparat answers:

Http:// is the place.

And for images,.if the images are in post, then just click on it and choose “small, medium, original, large” sizes.

If not, then you have to edit your template
go to dashboard >> template >> edit html >> proceed

click on expand widgets

now look for image you wanna change size of.

In image tag add 2 attributes

hope it will help

Raksha Sharma

Steven asks…

How would you decorate with a theme of the 1930’s?

I need to decorate a booth for work and the theme is different decades…. mine happens to be the 1930’s but i’m not sure of any big trends in that era. Can anyone help and give some ideas on how to decorate for the 1930’s?

scottparat answers:

When i think of 1930’s design i think of William Haines, Dorothy Draper, and art deco….

Here are a few sites and photos that you will give an idea about what the style was during the 1930’s:

hope this gives you some ideas…good luck :)

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Anonymous Surfing Question

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