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Blogger Themes Simple Question

Michael asks…

What is the best way to start your own web site?

i am starting a business and would appreciate any info or a source i could go to and found out how to start a web site.

scottparat answers:

To make a website just follow this guide I made:

First, if you don’t really want to write and you just want to make a site fast with free hosting try these sites:

1#Webs– | Formally FreeWebs
Simply sign up, chose a domain(, choose a templet, then ad content, and upload, as easy as that! The hosting is free, but you can upgrade to get more features.

Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a simple drag and drop interface. No ads. One of Time’s 50 best websites of the year.

Great to start a blog, powered by google!

If you are willing to spend time learning (but want some help making it with a program) then check out these links:

WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor derived from Nvu. Binary downloads for Windows, Mac, and several variants of Linux. [Open Source]

By the way KompoZer is NVU’s Unofficial bug-fix because NVU was forgotten, it has so many bugs and crash so much they just gave-up. So don’t use NVU. Also the new version of KompoZer will most likely be BlueGriffen:
It will fix all of KompZer problems while still using the KompoZer/NVU Look and feel.

What is a WYSIWYG editor?

Well stands for What You See Is What You Get it makes the code for you, if you place a image here on the screen it will make the code to do that, there are limitation thought but it’s still good.

When your site gets big and you need to control things easily then try a CMS(Content Managing System)

What’s a CMS?

It’s a Content Managing System that can control many things on your site with one click, example:
Logo, Navbar, Slogan, Theme, Info, etc…..

How would it help me?

It would control many elements on you site with one click, you will find that it get hard when your site reaches 40+ Page and you need to copy and past the new link in your navbar to every page, or change your logo, etc….

What do I need to run a CMS?

You need a a web host that offers MySql(Preferably 5) and PHP(Preferably 5).

What CMS Should I use?

There are so many CMS out there it’s hard to say, you could check sites like:

To find one that fit your needs, here are some of the most popluar CMS:

I use MODx CMS:

It’s an easy to use CMS that has a growing community and won the 2007 most promising CMS Award.

Got any Tutorials?

With the wide amount of CMS out there, it’s hard to cover all the CMS’s, a good place to learn is YouTube, for visual learning, other wise just search the tutorial you need in your favorite search engine.

Every Site need a domain(example , or , etc)

What is a Domain?

A Domain is the URL of you site ie, or
Also most hosting company’s will give you a sub-domain, ie, or

If you want a free domain try a domain:– is a free domain, (example,

If you want a top level domain like .com, .net, .org etc. Domain then you have to pay for those.
If you would like to buy a top level domain then check out

To have your site on the web you need a server to host it, server space can cost from nothing at all to $500+ for dedicated servers.

Q: What is Web Hosting?

A: It’s a server that’s up all the time to keep your site up on the web

Q: What’s Disk Space?

A: Disk space is the amount of data the hosting company let’s you have on there server, go over and they will not let you put more data on there server.

Q: What’s Bandwidth?

A: Bandwidth is the number of data your hosting company allows you to transfer monthly, If you go over your bandwidth thought most hosting company’s will charge you for what you go over, but some do not.

Can you suggest an good Free Hosting Company?

110MB is a free web hosting company, it offers 5Gb of Disk Space and 300GB of bandwidth, way more then enough for a starting site, it also offers

Dual Xeon & Opteron based Servers
FTP (chmod enabled) – FREE!
Sendmail (PHP Mail) – *Must activate
Your Own Domain Hosting – FREE!
Safe Mode OFF – FREE!
CGI/Perl – *Must activate
MYSQL 5 – *Must activate
IonCube & Zend Support – FREE!
NO popups, spam or ads ANYWHERE
Template Driven Site Builder
Site promotion guide

Mary asks…

I have a blog on Blogger. How do I reduce its pageweight?

My blog homepage’s pageweight is estimated to be 134 kB, while a soft limit of 125 kB is recommended. The blog is based on Blogger, so most of the template and widget coding is out of my control. What should I do? Get rid of a few widgets? Reduce the number of posts showing in the home page?

My blog link is

scottparat answers:

You can change the template it is in your control akilesh. Download a free “light weight simple blogger template” and copy the entire theme and paste it in your template editor in Then check the page weight.

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