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Blogger Themes Simple Question

Michael asks…

What are some fiction stories where the characters are dealing with negative affects of information technology?

Some of the negative affects Im looking for in a story are as follows: How it has affected any of the characters empathy or apathy? How it may have led to cyber crimes? How people (characters) have changed in some significant way due to technology? How resistance to adopt technology has protected or hindered a character? Any or all of these themes would work for my project where I seek to link actual research to fiction characters.

Thank you all for your kind help!

scottparat answers:

Two by Cory Doctorow
For The Win
A group of teens from around the world find themselves drawn into an online revolution arranged by a mysterious young woman known as Big Sister Nor, who hopes to challenge the status quo and change the world using her virtual connections.

Little Brother
After being interrogated by the Department of Homeland Security after a major terrorist attack on San Francisco, Marcus is released into what is now a police state and uses his expertise in computer hacking to set things right.

.Simple Simon by Ryne Douglas Pearson
Sixteen-year-old Simon is autistic but very good at puzzles. When he breaks the main computer code for the National Security Agency (NSA), he is perceived as a threat. After the NSA’s first attempt kills his parents, Simon is befriended by a Chicago FBI agent, Art Jefferson.

Roadside crosses by Jeffrey Deaver
In California’s Monterey Peninsula, a killer leaves roadside crosses along highways to mark future victims. Agent Kathryn Dance, a body language expert at the California Bureau of Investigation, investigates the case, discovering that not only is the killer using blogs and social networking sites to select his victims, but that he also is a troubled teenager bent on revenge. As Dance works towards catching her suspect, she finds her efforts hampered by politicians and the bloggers themselves

Lizzie asks…

What do you think is the simplest, cleanest and most organized blog site there is online?

I want to start a new blog but I can’t decide which site is best. requires a google account which I don’t want and livejournal is just annoying. Any suggestions?

scottparat answers:

WordPress is the bomb.

I don’t use there site. I downloaded it from an run it on my own server. It’s the best cms software you could ask for. With loads of plug ins and themes.

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