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Elanguageschool Question

Maria asks…

How can I learn (Austrian) German without help from a German speaker?

I want to go to Austria next summer and in the meantime I’ve begun studying German. So I have about six months to study. Of course I don’t expect anything near fluency by then, but I’d like to be at least minimally proficient. I’ve studied three hours a day for the past eight days on this website: and I foresee myself continuing at that pace.

Could anyone suggest some sort of study plan? Books? Movies? Cheap is better but I don’t mind buying a few things. Rosetta Stone and similarly priced products are, unless you people think they are the greatest things in the world, out of the question.


scottparat answers:

Just a hint! Avoid all rural areas in austria and stay inside the cities (because you will not be able to understand very much no matter how hard you try because of the (every time different) local slang in the countryside).
If your german is good enought to have a basic conversation a good hint would be try to watch movies or sitcoms you allready know but this time in german (so you get some practise how the words are pronounced).
“every US movie or sitcom is dubbed”. So they all exist in german too.
So you get a “feeling” for the language.
Btw. What really helped me in personal learning english was stop “thinking” in german (in your case of course stop thinking in english ;-). You will get a lot more fluent if you stop to translate everything you hear into your own language and then just try to retranslate your answer again. Just “copy” the locals and use their own “rhetoric” to answer.

Just for example “perfect school ” german would be. Hallo wie geht es dir? Answer: Danke mir geht es gut. (Hello how are you? Thanks i´m doing fine.) But nobody talks this way! People would say something like: Hi wie gehts? Danke mir gehts gut/”or just” alles ok.

Betty asks…

What’s the best site to learn Japanese online for free?

I’ve been using until now, but it bothers me that there are no exercises to practice and review what they teach you, so I forget most things soon after I read the lesson on them. Anyone know of a better site?

The things I’m looking to learn are: grammar, vocab words, common phrases, kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Everything: reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. This is kind of a lot to ask, and again, the site I’m using now has all this, but it doesn’t have review exercises.
Also, has anyone tried this game: It says it’s supposed to help you learn Japanese, but is it any good?
So far the only one you guys listed that has what I want is

scottparat answers:


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