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Email Etiquette Question

Donna asks…

Email etiquette for a letter to a professor?

I am a high school student enrolled in a science research program at my school. I wrote an email for a professor I found at a nearby university, asking for any advice or opportunities he might be able to provide me with. I need to send this email tonight. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to put as the SUBJECT of the email. HELP!!!!

scottparat answers:

Education Advise, Education Opportunities, Learning Advise.

Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

I am doing a presentation on “Email Etiquette”?

I am doing a presentation on “Email Etiquette“, how can I make the presenation more interactive and fun.

scottparat answers:

You could make a quiz for the audience to do at the end of the presentation.

The questions should be about the presentation to test if they were listening.

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