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Email Marketing Companies Question

Charles asks…

I am being sent emails from marketing companies,etc,and I dont want them,can you guys PLEASE HELP ME?PLEASE?

I am being sent hundreds of emails from companies/marketing etc. They are so annoying. I just want my email sddress for my friends and the companies I am clients with to send me emails. How can I stop all of these emails? I am just not interested in them,Im just a student. PLEASE HELP GUYS.Thank you’s…
Happy Christmas…xxx

scottparat answers:

I would recommend doing all of the above.

But also bear in mind, when you sign website guestbooks etc, These pages are utilised by spammers, hence why you ma receive mails from companies that are of no relevance.

If you want to leave an Email address on a public page, then DO NOT type “@” instead write ur address as (Elvis at yahoo,co,uk)

Robert asks…

who is the best and most cost effective email marketing company?

scottparat answers:


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