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Email Marketing Question

Mandy asks…

what marrketing technique is more effective than email marketing?

I get a high conversion from email marketing, about 15% Try other methods like ppc and loss money. Email advertising is so effective, but spam blockers are preventing my message from going through and i am fed up, so I am looking for another method.

scottparat answers:

You haven’t disclosed your business so I don’t know what your limitations are. That being said I’ve never heard of anyone getting a %15 conversion from any advertising so whatever you are doing is working. If you want to try another area you can work affiliate marketing. Done right it can be very effective (no where near %15 though). If you are a local operation networking, advertising specialties and publicity works quite well.

Mark asks…

Are you aware of any research that measures the combined effect of direct mail and email marketing a business?

Looking for metrics to quantify the lift a direct mail marketing campaign can achieve when augmented with an email marketing campaign.
I’m looking for existing research that’s available, not how to conduct my own.

scottparat answers:

You have to set it up so a holdout cell of records gets only direct mail. The quantity depends on your overall universe. The other test cells obviously have both direct mail and email. You can then measure the impact in response rates by looking at a cost per lead or other cost-per metric. You need to do it with costs because obviously it’s more money to do both direct mail and email.

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