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Email Marketing Question

Lizzie asks…

Has anyone used an email marketing company to send out safelist emails?

There are so many email marketing companies on the internet and it is difficult to choose which one to go for to promote affiliate products.

Is there anyone who has used one and can happily recommend?

Many thanks.

scottparat answers:

You will just build yourself a reputation as a SPAMMER .. Whilst you may gain some customers this way you will loose many others …

Chris asks…

What’s the best email marketing company out there?

I’d like to buy a one time email blast as a gift for my brother who is a realtor. Anyone know of a legitimate and effective email marketing company out there I should look into?

scottparat answers:

Well yes! Sure you can buy email marketing sites. There are many website who provide email marketing facilities. I’m sending you the list where u can find best email marketing companies according to their rank.

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