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Mary asks…

Hi, is this a scam email I received?

I’m pretty sure this is a scam since I don’t have any idea how they know I’m a finance and accounting major, and never gave my email address out to anyone, but I’m having a hard time figuring out just exactly what the scam is since they aren’t asking me for any personal information, even in follow up emails. anyway, this is what the email says:

fromJovita Bernat
tog************** (I blocked my email out)
dateWed, Dec 2, 2009 at 4:32 AM
subjectEntry level position at MF GMBH is available now
hide details 4:32 AM (6 hours ago)
MF Group GmBH has a new enty level job opening in the Accounting Department. (No previous accounting experience is required). We are the largest Insurance Company in Europe with a successful long term commitment history.

About the Job:

We are looking for career oriented individual to join our accounting staff. This position is entry level and will be in our financial reporting and operations accounting areas. Candidate will handle various accounting responsibilities, including: perform data entry of journal entries, assist in performing financial transactions, assist with month?end, quarter-end and year-end financial reports, monitor and review transaction details, perform other duties as assigned.

About us:

Ag Int. is an independent, private, owner-managed company since 1993. Our headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1993, we now have a global network of subsidiaries and offices around the world. Ag Int. has ended the year 2008 with USD3.22 billion in assets under management. The company provides unmatched convenience in Europe and the United States, serving more than 130.000 consumer and business clients. We take a global approach to our core businesses of general and life insurance. The diversity of our portfolio, both geographically and by line of business, is key to our strategy. We offer a comprehensive range of general and life insurance products and services for individuals, small businesses, commercial enterprises, mid-sized and large corporations and multinational companies. Our customers are some of the world’s largest industrial, c ommercial and professional service firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions. They trust us for our superior financial security, risk expertise, and service excellence. They value our fundamental strength ? our capital and our people. We aspire to become the leading global insurance group in our chosen markets, and to consistently deliver top-tier results for our shareholders. By so doing, we will create strong relationships with our customers, agents and brokers, and provide rewarding opportunities for our employees.

What we offer:

Full/Part time employment
Compensation 45.000 ? 55.000 USD + 13th salary
An excellent growth platform and a great working environment
Zero cost health insurance, matching 401(k)
Annual Partnership Exchange Programs
Free Regular Seminars

What are we looking for:

Must be US citizen or legal alien authorized to work in the US
High School degree (college degree is a plus)
Experience in Accounting/Bookkeeping is a plus
Must be willing to work overtime during certain parts of our month-end process
Ability to handle multiple tasks within a strict timeframe
Must have strong communication skills and customer service background
Should be able to work independently in a team environment
MS Office System Skills

Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
This company will appreciate your contributions and you will be valued for your dedication. AG Int. Is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from qualified women, minority and disabled candidates.

To Learn more about this position please contact Human Resources Department representative by replying to this E-Mail: . Your request will be forwarded directly to a Recruitment Officer.

scottparat answers:

Yes, it’s a scam. I am NOT a finance/accounting major and received the same email. A large company will not recruit employees in this manner and would not use a gmail account. Mine was from Also, a large company would not state that this position requires a HS diploma, but that a college degree is a plus. Most large companies expect a college degree so unless you are working an internship partnered with your school and are A) excelling in school and B) excelling in your internship, this type of offer would not be common. The other possibility of this type of job offer without a degree is that you are already employed by a company and have demonstrated outstanding performance and capability on the job.

You should cease communication; they are probably looking for your personal information…i.e. Social security number, birth date, name…information to steal your identity. You say they haven’t asked…yet, but that will come when they “determine” you are their ideal candidate and want to “finalize” your application.

Lisa asks…

Advertising/Marketing/Promotional Ideas for a Day Spa with Massages Facials & Waxings?

I’m a ‘spa coordinator” at a amazing Day Spa in Orange County CA, but besides my receptionist duties, I’m also helping out (as much as I can) with any promotional ideas, marketing, & a little advertising.

We already do a lot of different things but I’d love to hear what specific techniques, or ideas would make you or anyone come back to a spa.

What are you looking for? What would be the cherry on top that really made the sunday (so to speak lol)

Here’s what we have already…
– a website
– we send out flyers with promotional prices
– we send monthly emails with different deals
– we have 30min free GC we give away to clients, businesses, and homes
– “new guest specials” (discounted services for 1st-timers)
– a rewards cards where you refer people, write a review online, sign up for the membership, etc & recieve a certain number of pts for each thing & ultimately get a free hour massage or facial
– last but not least we have above average customer appreciation and service. we always put our clients first (which is the most important in my oppinion)

….but somehow we’re still not reaching our goals

I’d love some ideas of more specific things; maybe what someone you go to does to make you want to return! Or a spa that did something different & suprising in a good way…

scottparat answers:

I feel your pain! Lol i run my own massage business from a gym and sometimes feel the crunch of a slow day. Here are a few things i do to drum up business:

when it’s slow, ask the techs (if you force them to do it, they just won’t provide a good service) if anyone is interested in giving mini services for free to promote themselves. Like nail techs can do hand massages, estheticians can do paraffin dips, massage therapists can do chair massages, stylists can do a blow out. Make sure the tech has business cards with their names so they can give it to the client and say, “if you enjoyed that service, please come back and see me and i’ll give you 10% off your first service with me”. You’ll be surprised. I do free chair massages once a week for 2 hours and get a lot of new business this way.

Another idea is to create a “last minute appt” e-mail list. I have people on a list and whenever i have a cancellation or any openings in my day, i send them an e-mail first thing in the morning and let them know that i have the following openings and if they book a slot i’ll give them 20% off. That works wonders!

Finally, try doing an open house on the spas closed day. Invite your regulars and have them bring a friend or 2. Offer light ppetizers and refreshments. Have the staff perform the mini services and talk to the potential clients. Finally raffle off a GC (whatever amount you want), one for existing clients and one for the potential clients.

Hope these tips help and good luck!!!

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