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Charles asks…

Does anyone know of any free websites/business cards/marketing materials to start my bookkeeping business?

I am trying to start a bookkeeping business from my home. However, I do not have much money to start because I am on a fix-income due my disability.
There are free eBooks explaining how you can start your own business. However, they are free but it is another form of advertisement for something lager purchase. If anyone can help or mentor me, I would be grateful for any help that I can receive.
I know many people want to be paid for their experience. Therefore, you are right because one should be paid for their time and knowledge.
. You should never undervalue your experiences and services. Yet, if I had someone to give me advice, then I would no longer be on disability and food stamps.
I have a BS degree in Business Management. I have studied QuickBooks and taken college courses on accounting. Yet, Market is always been a hindrance to me. If anyone can help me, please email me at I could use all the help I can get. If you teach a man to fish, then he will never go hungry. .

scottparat answers:

I don’t generally respond to questions i can’t answer, but have you tried the library? Its free. I use it all the time. Don’t just rely on the internet. There’s more free info at your local library than you’ll ever need. Or you can request a book and they’ll often get it for you.

Betty asks…

Introduction email for new service (no.2) is it ok?

-Free marketing resources and downloads.
-Put your business opportunity in front of a targeted audience for maximum results.
-Try video mail for free and much, much more.

We offer much more than I have mentioned above, in fact it makes no difference if you are looking for a way to earn money online or if you are already earning thousands of dollars online, X has been developed to make you do better.

Please join us today here: X

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions:

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Warm regards,

scottparat answers:

Sounds OK. Just keep in mind that most e-mail programs are spam sensitive to words like free and offer.

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