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Email Marketing Services India Question

Mark asks…

Hiii….Pls help me for the interview…..?

Recently i have send my resume to the HCL company through reference which i got from net..
After two months i got a mail saying…..

Dear Candidate,

Your Resume has been short listed for our new plant. The Company
selected 65 candidates list for any Software Engineer IT,
Administration, Production, marketing Civil Engg. Fresh Graduate- and
general service Departments, It is our pleasure to inform you that
you’ Resume was selected as one of the 57 candidates short listed for
the interview.

The Company HCL Technology Ltd is the best it Company in India; The
Company is recruiting the candidates for our new Plants in Delhi,
Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. Your interview will be held at The Company
Corporate office in NOIDA on 29th of January 2012, at 11.30 AM, you
will be pleased to know that the 65 candidates selected 57 candidates
will be giving appointment, meaning that your Application can progress
to final stage. You will have to come to the Company corporate office
in NOIDA, your offer letter with Air Ticket will be sent to you by
courier before date of interview.

The Company can offer you a salary with benefits for this post 32,
000/- to 3, 80, 000/-PER.MONTH. + (HRA + D.A + Conveyance and other
Company benefits. The designation and Job Location will be fixing by
Company HRD. At time of final process. You have to come with
photo-copies of all required documents.

1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.
2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)
3) Photo-copies of Address Proof
4) Two Passport Size Photographs.
5) Mobile Number

Please note: All requirement should be sent to this email:-

You have to deposit the (Cash) as an initial amount in favor of our
company accountant name in charges to collect your payment department
for Rs.9,450/- (Nine Thousand Four hundred fifty rupees ) through any
[Branch from your Home City to our Company accountant name in charges.
Account NO: 06892191010883 Mr. ROHAN TYAGI, BRANCH CODE 28817 ORIENTAL
BANK OF COMMERCE: any branch this is a refundable interview security.
Your offer letter with Air tickets or train tickets will be sent to
your Home Address by courier after receiving the confirmation of
interview security deposited in any of the ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE
This Company will pay all the expenditure to you at the time of
face-to-face meeting with you in Company. The Job profile, salary
offer, and date -time of interview will be mentioned in your offer
letter. Your offer letter will dispatched very shortly after receiving
your confirmation of cash deposited in BANK. We wish you the best of
luck for the subsequent and remaining stage.

The Last date of confirmation is on 18-01-2012 to 19-01-2012 on 04:00
PM you have to give the information after deposited the Security
amount in bank to the Company HRD, email id: –
Your Offer Letter with supporting document will be dispatched same
time by courier to your postal address after receipt of security
deposited confirmation in bank. The interview process and arrangement
expenditure will be paid by HCL Technology Ltd. Lodging, traveling and
local conveyance actual will be paid by HCL COMPANY as per bills. The
candidate has to deposit the initial refundable security as mentioned
by HRD.NB: You are advice to reconfirm your mailing address and phone
number in your reply. And 9,450/ (Nine Thousand Four hundred fifty
rupees) will be the refundable amount, as 450 rupees will be deducted
as bank charges for funds deposit and if you are been selected or not,
still the amount will be refunded to you, as the amount is just to
prove that you will be coming for the interview in order for us not to
run at lost after sending you the air ticket Offer Letter and you
don’t show up on the day of interview. Wishing you the best of luck.
NOTE: -After confirmation in bank you have to send the scan copy of
deposited slip to this email id: –

HCL Technologies Ltd,
Plot No. 1&2, Sector – 125
Noida – 201 301, NCR
Uttar Pradesh India
Tel.: +91-8171411243 91- 8273354399
(9:00 AM TO 5:30 PM)
Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director,

Now i have paid the money but i haven’t got the courier…….I tried to call them and they said that the interview has been postponed to 7th feb…..But i got 2 more mails having the same format…………

Now i have a doubt whether its a fake mail or a real one………
will i get the call ?????? PLS HELP MEEE

scottparat answers:

OMG. You have GOT to be kidding me. This was so OBVIOUSLY one of those fake emails/postings to get money, that I can’t believe you didn’t see it. I always wondered, “who in the hell would actually fall for one of these scams”, and that sucks to find out someone did.

Anytime they ask for money, EVER, EVER, it’s total and complete fraud. I just hope you didn’t give them much. Other dead giveaways is the long drawn out wording, the fact that they give you your potential salary up front, that it’s from another country so you can’t track it, and misspellings and weird punctuation like they don’t really speak English. I am floored that you fell for it. Yikes. Bummer. Wow.

I actually wonder if you’re a fraud because your English is in need of help. I sure hope you can’t learn anything about me from my responding to you. That’s the way you need to be: paranoid about trusting anything on the internet. There’s so much fraud that goes on, stealing identities, money, contacts, email addresses, etc., you have to watch yourself, and most definitely your money.

Ken asks…

Can someone correct this? I want to write a letter to sell clutch product.?

But I don’t know if it is correct or not.. Please modify it as much as you can.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am Johnny from Chongqing Yonghan Machine Processing Co., Ltd in China. We professionally manufactures all kinds of motorcycle clutch and components. As one of the key motorcycle clutch enterprises in Chongqing, we have many advanced production and testing equipments.

The factory and office covers 5,000 meter squares. We have more than 100 workers including 20 professional technicians. Our salient products are: AG50, CY80, 90A, 90B, 90C, AX100, C100, T100, DK100A, DK100B, WIN100, JY110, FS110, C120, GY6, S125, CG125, CB125, CBT125, T125, TJ125, JB150, CG150, CB150, LF175, CG200, CB200, V250, GN250, CBT250, and SR300 clutches and clutches accessories. We have advantages in motorcycle engine accessories, and our products have got good approval from foreign and domestic clients and we have many good and long cooperation with some famous companies such as Jinzhefang, Jintong, and Hengsheng. Our market is covering Pakistan, India, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, and Dominica.

Based on strong development and manufacture, we hope to build wider relationships with clients. According to the faith of “quality first, customer is god”, we will try our best to satisfy your requirements. We will provide the best products and service for all the customers. Our website address is, please take a look at it first. If you are interested in some kind of our products, please kindly let us known, we will then send you the detailed information.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via email or telephone in a direct manner to boot. We would be grateful.

Best Wishes
Johnny Kong
Chongqing Yonghan Machine Processing Co.,Ltd

Tel: 86-23-62456829
Fax: 86-23-62452819

scottparat answers:

My name is Johnny Kong and I represent the Chongqing Yonghan Machine Processing Co., Ltd, located in China.

We professionally manufacture clutches and related components for several makes and models of motorcycles. As one of the key motorcycle clutch manufacturers in Chongqing, we utilize advanced production methods and testing procedures to ensure our products meet or exceed the requirements of our clients.

We employee more than 120 skilled workers at our 5,000 square meter production facility. Our products have been well received by both foreign and domestic manufacturers, including such well known firms as Jinzhefang, Jintong, and Hengsheng. At present, our marketing area includes Pakistan, India, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, and Dominican Republic.

Currently, our product line includes components for the following makes and models: AG50, CY80, 90A, 90B, 90C, AX100, C100, T100, DK100A, DK100B, WIN100, JY110, FS110, C120, GY6, S125, CG125, CB125, CBT125, T125, TJ125, JB150, CG150, CB150, LF175, CG200, CB200, V250, GN250, CBT250, and SR300.

We wish to expand our client base and welcome your inquiries as to our many products. Our motto is “quality first, the customer is god”. That faith combined with our extensive development and manufacturing procedures, we hope to include you in our family of clients. Contact us with your inquiries and product specifications and we will use everything within our means to provide you with the highest quality products that meet your most stringent requirements.

Please visit us at our website All inquiries are welcome and if any of our products interest you, please contact us and we will send you more detailed information.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me. If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to contact me by phone.

Johnny Kong

I think this version may be more accepted by English speaking countries, particularily United States. I broke it up into more paragraphs, first introducing yourself, saying what you do, then giving more detail of what you do and where, then as to your products and if that interests the person, you then “court” them, telling them what you will do and how you would appreciate their business and then give them the contact information. Some older people (myself included) still prefer to actually speak to the client rather than email back and forth, especially when business is being conducted. Younger people are much more comfortable emailing. Using “Sincerely” at the end conveys respect and does not come across as being too casual. When business and money is involved, most businesses, at least initially, prefer a more professional and respectful manner. Once a relationship is established and trust is gained by both parties, then one can feel comfortable in using a farewell like, “Have a good day”, “Good luck” and so on. If you had a dispute with a client or were involved in intense negotiations or financial matters, then a farewell such as “Respectfully” would be more appropriate. Respectfully implies that you respect the person, but you are on equal standing and are serious about what you are saying. Sincerely implies a more submissive position, such as when you are wishing to form a relationship with them and they don’t know you.

Hope this helps.

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