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Email Marketing Services Question

Susan asks…

Email marketing service?

Could anyone recommend a good cost effective email marketing service. One that allows HTML design and manages subscribers, mailing lists etc.

scottparat answers:

Go to and search for Dada mail. It is open source and therefore no cost. Aweber, etc cost $25 +/- or more per month.

You can also check out which gives you a mail manager, autoresponder (Get Response) and a marketing web site for $29.95 a month. Plus you can market the product and make commissions on it.

Michael asks…

What is the most flexible Email Marketing Service?

I’m looking for a very flexible Email Marketing Software/Service. Preferably a hosted solution, like GetResponse, or Aweber.
I have tried a lot of them, but none of them seem to fit my needs.

Here’s what i need:
1. Autoresponders (aka Follow-up Emails or Trigger Mails)
2. Ability to send an email immediately after subscription AND after profile update.
3. Ability to use custom fields in message body and subject (for personalization)
4. Ability to filter and segment my list based on custom fields. For example, I want to send a specific autoresponder e-mail to only subscribers who live in Texas. Or only to women over 35.

(Note: it’s ok if these requirements can only be achieved using API)

So far the closest to these needs have been:
1. Mailchimp – but it fails at requirement #2 + it doesn’t allow affiliate marketing
2. EmailBrain (or GraphicMail) – fails at #4
3. StreamSend – fails at #2

scottparat answers:


I don’t use an autoresponder just yet but I use an email marketing service…
This covers #2 and #3 of your needs (ability to…).
I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but you can see at and decide…

Leave a reply with your impresion.


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