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John asks…

How to fire my real estate agent and what to expect?

My real estate agent is a jerk. We don’t get along and I am not satisfied with his service… I will leave it at that.

I signed a year long contract with him. (Big mistake!). The house was only listed for 2 months total so far. The market just collapsed and he convinced me to pull the listing. But I am *still* under contract. I read the contract and we both must mutually agree to end the contract.

He answered several of my questions over email (lots of email back and forth). But overall this guy is very much a jerk. I want to tell him that I want to end the contract.

The contract is over 6 months old at this point.

What can I expect him to try to pull? Will he charge me anything? There isn’t a cancellation fee, but the contract does state that I might have to reimburse him for expenses incurred by the marketing of the property if the contract is terminated!

scottparat answers:

The one year contract was a big mistake on your part. But as long as you’re stuck with it, why aren’t you listing the property? It’s never gonna sell if you don’t list it.

Charles asks…

Need a corporate event planner in Florida?

You’re Invited to Make Your Event an Eventure!

Another offsite dinner? Bare bones cocktail hour?
Small VIP Reception? Don’t know where to start?

Try something different with Four Seasons Event Productions!
Four Seasons Event Productions is a full-service corporate event planning company dedicated to providing Florida’s premiere commercial real estate organizations with unique event and marketing services.

Event Offering:
• Groundbreaking & Grand Openings
• National Sales Meetings
• Team-Building Events
• Company Picnics
• Holiday Parties
• Golf Tournaments
• Executive “C-Level” Entertainment
• Employee Recognition Events
• Retirement Parties

Planning Services:

Venue Selection • Theme Development & Decor • Food & Beverage • Entertainment • Transportation & Destination Management • Audio & Visual • Marketing & Promotions • Specialty Gifts

For more information or to schedule an event consultation, email us at

scottparat answers:

I don’t need one at the momment.

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