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Sandy asks…

network design homework?

Adventureworks Corporation is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company catering to a clientele who sought out their needs for call support and back-end processing to 3rd party vendors.
The company started in 2007 as a small enterprise focusing on call center operations with 100 agents divided into two 8-hour shifts (morning and night shifts) that accepts incoming calls. As the company outgrew its targets and expanded massively in 2008, they hired 80 additional agents for its call center operations. For their expansion into medical transcription business, they also hired 60 medical professionals. By 2009, 50 more employees were hired to focus on back-end processing, where activities include data encoding, journaling and finance support.
Today, the company has 320 employees and is targeting to double this number in 2 years’ time and by 2015, their stretch goal is to increase their coverage and cater to global customers with 1200 employees.
Adventureworks Corporation currently serves 14 call center, 4 medical transcription and 2 back-end processing accounts. They have an IT staff pool of 4 personnel servicing the desktops and servers which are currently not centrally managed. A total of 160 desktops, 140 of which are deployed to the account projects while the remaining are used by administration, finance, human resources, sales, marketing and IT personnel. Each desktop was purchased with applications pre-installed. For each of the accounts served by the company, a dedicated server is purchased for the repository of documents and files related to each.

During a review, the following concerns were raised and the top management is determined to make the necessary changes that will have the optimum impact to the productivity of the employees while minimizing cost:
• Lack of security in the file servers
• No central management tool for the users as well as the desktops and servers
• Information and resources are redundant and not shared
• Access to email and information via internet is unavailable to employees
• No web presence or website where prospective accounts or customers may view the profile and case studies of Adventureworks Corporation

The requirements defined above are just some of the things they identified as priority requirements although the management acknowledges that additional services may be implemented to further improve their efficacy and efficiency as an organization.

As an IT consultant, you were asked to submit a bid for this project. You are required to submit the following as a proposal for the said project:
1. Scope of the project
2. Network infrastructure design
3. List of all components that needs to be purchased and cost
4. Total project cost (including your company’s service fee)

scottparat answers:

I would love to answer this for you, but …..

My hourly fee is $250/hr.

This is not a quick answer. Sounds like homework.

Mary asks…


Hi All,

I realize turning to YA for this maybe a long shot, but I figured I would give it a go anyway. I’m currently writing a Masters level dissertation about Commercial Self Publishing and I need some help focusing my methodology chapter.

My research question is centered around the concept of whether or not ‘Commercial’ Digital Self Publishers such as Authorhouse are representing themselves correctly based on the services they offer potential authors. For example, calls itself a self publisher, yet their listed business model makes them sound as more of vanity publisher(a term that is obviously looked down upon in the industry).

My main plan of methodology was to complete a Content Analysis of four popular digital self publishing company websites by focusing on different aspects including their selling ‘Motto’ or website branding slogan, Marketing Plan, How much they offer authors in Royalties, etc and then make inferences about whether or not this makes them Vanity, Subsidy, or true Self Publishers.

My question for everyone is: Does Content Analysis make sense in this context? Over the past month, i have read at least 15 research books and I keep coming back to this concept for my project, although I don’t understand the framework of what the Content Analysis works in. Does analyzing websites mean that I’m doing Textual Analysis or something else?

Most of my data will be qualitative, only dealing with numbers periodically from the information in the literature review. Does this mean I am using induction or deduction??

I have most of the data collected and am actually prepared to write, but I keep stumbling over A. What my methodology “type” is and B. If it’s actually correct or if I should choose a different methodology outside of Content Analysis.

Does anyone have any insight or recommendations? Unfortunately, my thesis advisor is completely rubbish and has been absolutely useless throughout this ENTIRE process. If I email him, he emails back saying things like “Good Job, Keep it Up, Etc. Nothing of substance, so basically I’m working with no support from my department.

I know I’m on the right track, I just need a little more guidance on this.

Thanks for your help!!!!
Oh, I should also note that I was unable to find much formal research on my topic. No dissertations, No Term papers either. Most of my lit review is made up of newspaper articles and industry opinion pieces.

scottparat answers:

Make sure in your literature review section your explain / discuss the framework that has been used in the past and why is it lacking and what new information your new form of analysis will bring to the topic. I think your research analysis would be stronger if you incorporate some quantitative analysis because it will help you in establishing relationship and causation. Also make sure you distinguish between dependent and the independent variables and how you will use the independent variables to test your research question. As long as in the beginning of your dissertation you define what you mean by your terms and the research question you will be answering you should be fine.

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