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Chris asks…

Do you want great , affordable advertisement for your business ?

I work for a marketing comany in which we have allocated slots on googles first page where we can guarantee your businness, a place in the top 6 businnesses found in a keyword search. For example; if you have a building contractors company in macclesfield and some of your keywords are ; buliders ; macclesfield . Your company will be guaranteed to be on the first page in the top 6 above all your competitors. We don’t tie you to a long-term contract or anything , we offer you a month to month basis . sort of pay-as-you-go basis because were so confident that this will increase your businness and you will want to carry on with us. I can offer you these deals for £99 per month and like I say , if your not completely happy with the service then you just don’t re-new its that simple. If you are genuinely interested then simply leave me an email and I’ll contact you as soon as possible. my email is . Thanks

scottparat answers:

Here there are good sites on business

Ken asks…

Am I working for Scam Artists?! Are they breaking the law?

I am asking for advice on behalf of my friend, I can’t give out specific names nor company details but this situation that she has found herself in has made her feel very uncomfortable indeed.

She has just started work last week for a finance company, on her first day she noticed that 2 of the 5 other employees got called different names, not nicknames mind. So for example Mark was now George.
Whilst looking on the company website, she noticed them referring to themselves as a different company.

Later on she mentioned it to her boss who asked for the name, she couldn’t remember but was told to carry on going through the website checking for errors, she didn’t finish that night so carried on the next day and went back to where she spotted the different company name, it had be changed.

She decided to ask the other new employee why everyone seemed to have different names, she was told the boss and the other 3 employees ALL had false names, it was explained that they had worked for a finance company previously and had a contract clause saying they couldn’t work in finance for 2 years if they left or were fired, a detail which she had also seen in her own contract.

A potential customer she spoke to asked her for more information by email.
She got ready to send an email and realised it had her

She informed her boss and it was changed it for her, her boss was heard muttering

“oops little mistakes trickling through, cover up” – I was told he seemed rather uncomfortable

When she got home that night she goggled the names of the two different businesses and the first one came up as a finance company where 3 men had been jailed in 2003 for fraudulence in the USA and UK and was based in the UK.

The second business also appeared as a scam for selling cars and the present company advertises that they sell cars..

Not very happy at this point and unsure of what to do she decided to ring ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) who gave her a number to call and she hasn’t been able to get through to them to discuss it further so she sent them an email and hasn’t had a reply yet.

On her third day she went into work and had to take phone calls from people demanding to know what these cards were that they had received basically misleading them into thinking that an account card had been opened in their names for a credit of £50,000 so calling as they think someone has stole their details.

**** I Would like to point out at this stage that the company has been sending out letters very reminiscent and very close to the real thing of that of a new credit card claim, with attached credit card with the customers detailes embedded into it, a very realistic design that fooled me for a second, this in fact is what the company calls a ‘MARKETING PLOY’ to attract new customers, if anything it would have panicked me seeing I have a credit limit of 50K, which I had no memory of opening.*****

She was handed one of these ‘letters’ and was told to say it was sent out as a marketing tool, even though it says NOTHING about the business on the letter itself

She took one of the letters home with her to show me to give me an idea of her phone calls.

We looked at it, I asked about the address as it was based somewhere else in the UK.
She told me she had been told not to tell customers where they really are based, infact she was told to say (if asked) they are based in a large city…she does not work in a large city.
(she believed this was because the main office was based there and was told similar by other staff)

I was intrigued to see their REGISTERED OFFICE (as stated on letter and website) so using the postcode and address details present on the marketing letter that they have been sending to companies across the UK and also visiting their website I did a search to see the premises via Google Street View.

What we found was the address actually belonged to a completely different company (shoe store).

A break down:
1) Fake names being used in the work place
2) On website company refers to themselves as two different business names
3) Staff email address registered with different company name
4) Registered address of company WRONG (its a shoe shop)
5) Lying to customers of location of business (on phone)
6) Job contract signed with FALSE name
7) The OTHER 2 business names linked to fraudulent behaviour and convictions were made

So I hand to to YOU the wonderful people of Yahoo Answers, what should she do?


Carry on? (“Think of the money!”)

Or take this matter further?

scottparat answers:

As a minimum your friend should quit. She risks tainting her own good reputation by becoming involved in a business which sounds at best dishonest and at worst illegal.

I believe there is a further step, though. This firm should be reported to the authorities. I think your friend should look at the following website

There is an online reporting mechanism that makes reporting of fraud really easy

(P.S. I don’t understand what she thinks ACAS will be able to do – they deal with labour relations disputes).

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