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Email Marketing Software Question

David asks…

Email Marketing Software Problems..!?

I seem to be going from one extreme to the other. Started off my email marketing a few weeks ago, which basically meant emailing any one who had ever contacted me, which worked ok but I needed to reach more people or companies within the Health Care sector, so I started using this email address finding software which is good, too good in fact, I now have too many emails with out a really good sending software.
If anyone knows of such a software that will not get me blacklisted then please let me know.
I have already tried Sandblaster, Dark mailer.
Email harvester I use can ne found at
Many thanks

scottparat answers:

You will definitely get blacklisted if you send any email to people you don’t know regardless of which software you use. There are ways to get around this problem, but for that you need to get help from an expert who understands how blacklists work.

Ken asks…

email marketing software?

I need an email marketing software package that will do its thing i.e. set up a list of emails and what emails to send but actually send them through through outlook 07

i need it sent through outlook becase i have an access database set up that imports replies from the emails sent through out look directly in to the database

this access database is then uploaded to an sql database

so i need what i said above or a email marketing program than can export all replies to an excel sheet or something that i can then upload to sql


scottparat answers:

Actually, you can import or export Excel spreadsheets with most of the major autoresponder companies such as Aweber, Get Response of Email Aces. One problem though is that with Aweber or Get Response you cannot start sending mail to these people unless they re-optin and accept receiving mail from you once again. So if you are a marketer it can be somewhat of a hindrance after already building a list of subscribers else where. But the good news is that Email Aces allows you to import without those repercussions.

You might also check out a company called GoldMail. I’m sure you would find it in a search. It’s a very professional business Email service that could help set you apart from most other companies. Hope that helps.

The Davinator
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