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Email Marketing Software Question

Nancy asks…

The Newsletter Software is the key for Email Marketing?

I don’t know much about the Newsletter Software. Is this the key to start the Email Marketing Campaign?Anyone can tell me how to choose one?

scottparat answers:

Absolutely yes! As the name implied, newsletter means to send your products and service to all your site subscribers. Without the Newsletter Software, you cannot send your subscribers via a member list. Yes, Newsletter Software can provide you a member list, it is your business treasure. Try this Newsletter Software:PHPKode Newsletter X.

John asks…

Whats the best email marketing software?

looking to do some affiliate marketing wats a good mass email sender

scottparat answers:

Email Marketing is the single best way to make residual income online.
No matter what the guy before me said.

The best Autoresponder out there is by far Aweber.

It is recommended by most internet marketers and there is a good reason for that.

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