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Email Marketing Templates Question

Betty asks…

Best email marketing?

What is the difference between email marketing software and service???

I need to send email blasts to a database of around 15,000 previous customers/guests. But i want more than just to be able to send an email i want it to perhaps have good design templates/wizards, mail open reports and stuff like that.

I have never done this before, it has always been an IT guy who has written some program for me, all i had to do was draft the email and provide the database. But now I am running my own company and don’t have an IT department I need to do it myself now.

Any help and advice would be great… By the way I have been told about YMLP… are they any good? I see they offer a lot for only 3.75USD per month… but if someone can tell me of a better alternative then i will go with that…

Many thanks in advance

scottparat answers:

Hey rob,
i’m not that much clear with you. But doing a little guess work, i think you are talking about auto responders (software’s that send emails out to a list of poeple automatically — mostly web based.). And if i am correct so far, i will recommend you to use ‘aweber’ ( It’s a great web based autoreponder service but you need to ‘double opt-in’ your customers. I.e. They have to confirm the subscription. And you may lose some of them during this process.

Moreover if you want some chit-chat with me you can get me at And that’s coz i enjoy meeting like-minded people to share ideas with.

Ur welcome

Robert asks…

Does anyone know of a good email newsletter package that suits a small budget?

I would like to use an email marketing / newsletter package to send emails to members of my organisation but do not really know where to start.

I have done a few simple emails using outlook but it doesnt look that good and a fair few bounce back.

Ive seen that there are a lot of packages out there and I dont really know which to go with. Im looking to email approx 1500 people, once a month to start with. It doesnt have to be anything too sophisticated but I would like to have a choice of a few templates and be able to track the responses.


scottparat answers:

Try this site…it has several links to suppliers of email programs:

There is a bit of a range of prices, depending on your needs. Take a look at them all, they’re all really good.

I hope this helps.

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