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Email Marketing Tips Question

Michael asks…

has anyone ever heard of or used I World Entertainment and Marketing 7119 w. Sunset Blvd Hollywood CA, 90046?

I got an email from these people saying that they had heard from another person on they should check me out. after they check my page then sent the email asking me to fill a short form or application to join their service but you had to be at least 1% sure that you want a career in music. I fill out the form. Consisting or the normal name age address and stage name email address.ect.

then I get the auto Generated email

“Thank You,

It’s always exciting to find new talent. We look forward to speaking with you.

We are only looking for 25 serious artist. Each artist is our number one priority. No one is put on the back burner. We will need 1% of your trust as we begin.

Unless you have a manager and a music attorney already, our company will have to provide that for you. That comes right away when working with us.

With over 20 years experience in the Music Industry our staff has lived in Hollywood and worked at labels like Universal, Interscope, Capital, Sony Bmg, Atlantic Records and a few more. With over hundreds of Major label CEO contacts, A&R friends, Radio station and Club DJ’s, Video and Audio recording masters, Music Magazine journalist and Sponsors at our finger tips, it makes sense to start our own search for talent and launch their career.

We have arranged a package deal that requires our company to gather artists now and help them to smoothly transition into the mainstream.

Here’s what we plan to do with you immediately:

1. Submit and resubmit your music to the right Labels.

2. Set up appearances including Music news, T.V. and internet, record stores, radio stations, Music magazine photo shoots, etc …

3. We document every appearance, product sale, new fan, and radio play (through ASCAP) to present labels more value for signing the deal.

4. Set up royalties for Radio, Film, and T.V.

5. Book paid shows. Music Contests. Raise money for projects.

6. Book you as opening act for latest and greatest Major Recording Artist of today.

7. Artist Development. Discovering your artist image and marketing your hit record.

8. Have listening parties for Major Artists and Exec’s to listen to your music here in California.

9. Allow you to use our legal representation.

10. Sell your Music!!!

Our Number One Goal is to work with you before and after you are signed.

We need a commitment right away before we go to work with you. We ask that you sacrifice $50 upfront every month as we work with you. We don’t have any fees, but we do need proof that you are serious because our time is valuable, and can only be used on serious artists. All monies upfront are given right back in the transition of signing with the intended Major recording Label. Give us your dreams and only 1% of your trust and we will turn them into a reality. In any matter we don’t waste any time in getting artists started we are only looking for a few that are 100% serious and ready to GO FORWARD.

So if you want more information about moving forward with this opportunty please respond back to this email with a Yes or No. So that your time and our time is spared right away.


I World Entertainment and Marketing
7119 w. Sunset Blvd Hollywood CA, 90046
Fax:1-310-564-1304 ”

Im not sure i want to deal with them because they have given me no names and they say they have been in business for more than 20 years. however, i cant see them in Google, BING or any other search engine. let me know somnething!!!

scottparat answers:

They sent me the same thing and I received a call from a lady named Wendy she told me I should hear from a a&r soon so I’m just waiting to see what happens.

Sandy asks…

NewShoes Marketing simulation game HELP!!!? ?

I’m in a marketing class and the majority of our grade will depend on how well we do on this simulation game. Is there anybody that has done this simulation game before? my team is in first place right now but one of the other teams is catching up quick. who ever wins the game will get the only passing grade on this game. I need tips on whats the best thing to do in this simulation game. If anybody has finished with a good result and its too much to type you can leave your email and i will contact you..

scottparat answers:

Whats this game? Where can i find it? Please send me the link.

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