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Email Marketing Tips Question

Nancy asks…

What would be some good sources that would give good email marketing tips?

Uh never,John K.

scottparat answers:

Hi John,
check out the following searches online:

Jimmy Brown (one of the main gurus online for email marketing) He has something called List and which I was a member of for a while.

Also Sarah Brown (she’s good too)

and read through the stuff you find in the website (not sure if you have to be a member or not??)

If you want – I have a number of ebook regarding email marketing and other stuff for success online. Get in touch with me at if you want. I can send them.

All ther best, Steve

Steven asks…

How to get traffic on my website and tips for email marketing?

im 13 i just finished making a website where i sell elvex safety glasses –

but i am yet to have any sales online since i come up low on google my question is how can i get traffic please simply without spending much and if i do spend i want a good return. I heard email marketing is very good so can i email companys i think could use saftey glasses, is it good to email big companys or smaller ones and what companys do you think could use saftey glasses, im not sure maybe a bike shop or a ski shop, if you can think of any let me know. And how can i come up higher on google without spending much. Finaly when email people should i mention that i am 13 they might not think it is a crediable bussines (which it is if i were to sell all the stock i have bought i would make £40,000).

thanks for your time try to answer as many as you can

scottparat answers:

Realize that with any business, that you are looking at investment capital.

So in order to get the better quality advertising you are going to pay a little.

There are other ways to promote your product for fee. You can start by getting
a blog and doing a product review for your specific product.

You can also do live product reviews, and while you are doing them, you can
tape them and put them on you tube. You can also find a blog on a website
called “technorati”, that has a following of people, and have the writer of that
blog endorse your product. It will probably be about 25 dollars per post.

So there are many ways, it is just a matter of finding them. Also look for someone
that you can joint venture with, that might sell mouthguards, pads of some sort.
Something along those lines.

Also, a friend of mine recommended a website to me, and having just looked over it briefly
it looked decent. I put it in the source link below.

Take care and good luck.

Ps remember that you do have time on your side in your favor.

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