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Email Marketing Tips Question

Michael asks…

i m a small scale invester in equity market is some one gives me some useful tips to earn in interday trading?

would some one guide me abt intraday trading to earn some from selling and buying the equities. pls add my email id and pls guide me abt trading.

scottparat answers:

Intraday trading is very difficult. The one thing that you want to be sure to do is to trade with the trend — the short-term and longer-term trend.

Swing trading is much, much easier. I took down your email and I’ll send you a site that shows you how to find good swing trades.

Charles asks…

Help, marketing interview!!!?

I’ve got a interview next month for a marketing position.

Marketing and Sales Assistant
We are looking to recruit a Marketing and Sales Assistant to help run a busy sales and marketing department.

This is a new opportunity with a varied role and would suit a bright individual with excellent organisational skills wishing to pursue a career in marketing.

You will be efficient with a keen eye for detail, excellent IT skills and creative with good all round communication skills and a flexible attitude. You will be involved in all aspects of marketing.

they emailed me saying bring some examples of my work, i emailed back saying ‘what kind of thing do you want’ the replied with
‘I would like to see anything you think will demonstrate your ability to do this role.’

THAT’S NO HELP!!! the job role barely says anything. any tips what i should do?

scottparat answers:

Seeing as it sounds like a reasonably junior job and in no way sets out any minimum qualifications, criteria, or previous experience necessary, this is a very strange thing to say.

I’m currently recruiting for a very senior Digital Marketing Manager and when people apply and send their CV to me, I email and ask them to send me a brief summary of their digital marketing experience. What I’m looking to find out is:
– What digital marketing methods have they used?
– What other innovative marketing methods do they have involvement with?
– What projects have they used these methods on? How successful was it? How big was it?
– What company did they work for and/or who was their client if they come from an agency or a consulting firm?

As the previous Answerer said, writing all of this stuff down in advance is good, but what I would do is type it and take it with you. Then, if you don’t have actual concrete examples of your work that you can take, you can leave this with them instead (or as well, if you do have something else).

One thing that you may find helpful is to do a bit more research into the company and find out exactly what they do – what methods of marketing they use and so on – as this might give you some ideas about what they would be looking for.

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