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Email Providers Question

Charles asks…

What free online email providers work with Microsoft Outlook?

What free online email providers work with Outlook? I know that Yahoo! does, but requires a professional subscription, and Hotmail doesn’t seem to work either. Any others?

scottparat answers:

You can use GMail with POP, which I believe works with Outlook (there’s no way an e-mail client won’t support POP/SMTP). and sign up. It’s constantly increasing in popularity.

P.S. Hotmail only works if you got your Hotmail account before a certain date. Now, I believe you have to pay in order to get it working in Outlook.

Mary asks…

what email providers let you choose and enter your own security question in order to retrieve your password?

I want someone out there with real knowledge to tell me what email providers out there that offer free email let you choose and create your own security question on your own account to retrieve your password in case you don’t have a alternative address or in case you forget it.I don’t have a security question or an alternative address on my account so now what?

scottparat answers:

Well yeah,yahoo works also,,
and i don’t know anyothers.oh yeah also in yahoo search you can type “free email address” it’ll give you a list of free email sites

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