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Email Search Question

Helen asks…

Are there any “free” email search engines that will return the email address for free?

When you do a search for “free email search engine” a number of search engines will appear. However, when you attempt to use them, in the end, they will not give you the information unless you buy one of their search engine packages. Is there really any that will give an individuals email address, address of the individual, or do reverse searches for free? Everything seems to link you to or where you have to purchase the info.

scottparat answers:

No sorry, the website pay a fee for the email addresses, thus you must pay
You can use a well used email search engine online?
It has well over 1 BILLION email addresses and claims to locate lost relatives etc…

Here is the link:

Hope this helps!

PS. Search is instant and fast too!

Daniel asks…

Is anyone else having problems with their yahoo email search?

When I try to search for old emails, nothing comes up after I type something in the search box. Any ideas how to resolve this as it sucks not being able to find old emails!!

scottparat answers:

This is Question number three about Yahoo’s Email tonight!
I think Yahoo is having a big problem with their Email,s!
I hope someone else will see your question & can help you!
Just thought I tell you, it not just you!

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