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Free Cover Templates Psd Question

Mary asks…

Invite To

Template Shares – Free Eduacational Resources

Welcome to Internet’s Biggest Collection of website templates. We have over 2500+ high quality, professional website templates, flash templates, html templates, banner templates, photoshop templates & logo templates covering almost any theme or style you can imagine. Our templates are designed to make your task easier and more enjoyable. Every template comes with an editable PSD file and HTML file as well.
I need an invite to sign up with the site, If any 1s a member and has a spare invite ill be V gratefull thankyou

scottparat answers:


This doesn’t appear to be a question, so I’ll leave an answer that isn’t want it’s supposed to be either. Or is it?

James asks…

A program for creating Photo Memory Books for all occations.?

This program should have templates for book covers, page layouts, backgrounds, borders, cliparts & etc, with ability to add titles. Final work can be converted to pdf, jpg or even better if able to convert to AI, Psd & Coredraw files.

This program will be able to RESTRICT user (after created the Photo Memory Book & converted to desired type of file) from viewing, editing & printing the file with another PC, maybe with some password or what.

Does anyone know what program out in the market comes with the features like what I had mentioned above???

scottparat answers:

I think your best bet would be to go to a digital online scrapbooking, collage, invitation making site. They have thousands of graphics available for making scrapbook pages for photo or memory books for all types of occasions. The word art is terrific, and you can manipulate your photos, add text, rotate, etc. You can edit, print, etc. In fact it does just about everything you want online without the need to purchase software.

CropMom is free to use if you register, which is also free. You may download a low-resolution JPEG file of your layout for posting on the Web or for e-mailing. You may purchase your layout for a small fee as a high-resolution JPEG file that’s of high enough quality to print. You can then print it at home or have it printed by a photofinisher, such as Snapfish or Shutterfly or My Publisher.

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