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Html Mailto Tag Question

Susan asks…

How do I use FORM tag in HTML. (I know how to use it — I just cant save the data.)?

I’m trying to make a form that collects name and address. I have it all set up, but I do not understand the “action” part. From what I read, I am supposed to put a URL of where I want the data to go.

But it doesnt put there data there — It just takes you there when you click submit.

Here is what i have right now.

It doesnt enter any data in the file though — it just takes the person to the file, as if it where a link for that URL.

I have also tried this

<FORM method=post>

Instead of sending the data to that address, it acts as if the person clicking a link and opens up and email winto with my email address in it (and the variables and data in the body of the email) which could tecnically work — but this is a website for a business, and thats just a bit ghetto.
OK — I dont so much need help with the form tags — I got that down.

What I need help with in the form processing script. I know it’s a server side script, and that is my problem. All these websites that tell you how to make HTML forms, completly fail to tell you anything about the other half, the form proccessing script — and since its a server side script — I cant just view source.

So if anyone could point me to and example of a form processing script that would be great!! – ASP preffered.

scottparat answers:

Go here and look at the HTML script. That’ll give you an idea. Also, from what I understand, you cannot use a text (or other non-web page/file) or e-mail address as the ‘action’ method. Normally it uses a special script (normally CGI) to post the data. You can also go to to search for Form data. Good luck!

Another similar question here:;_ylt=Aivk9GEJQAykQ9SnNMRGukxo7hR.?qid=20070220135017AAFoeWz

Mark asks…

how to prevent spam when showing email in wordpress blog?

im blogging at and i want to show my email so my readers/clients can email me. i put it in a Text Widget. i used the html tagmailto” so users can email me when they click my email. im just concerned if spam will go into my email. any advice? i dont to use the “MyEmail at Yahoo dot com” thing. thanks.

scottparat answers:

Never do a mailto: link on your site, the second you do that you’re basically going to get spammed left right and center. Here’s what you can do (Just like facebook does). Open Paint and create an image with your email address and use that instead of a mailto: link. Your guests will be able to see it but the spammers wont (The use automated software that cannot read images).

Since you’re a blogger I would suggest you sign up to this a Community For Bloggers forum where like minded bloggers meat and discuss their blogging experiences. Enjoy

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