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Html Mailto Tag Question

Mary asks…


I’ve tried over and over again with different possibilities as to how to get bullet points/ordered list to align right. This is what I’ve written: (copy and paste into your answer where you’d put the align right HTML tag)

  1. <a href="”>Send me an e-mail


scottparat answers:



  1. Something first on list
  2. Something second on list

Mark asks…

Thunderbird (email) problem: How to turn on TO field dialog/display?

Thunderbird (email) problem: Hot to turn on TO field dialog/display?
–warning: Slightly Technical —
If an HTMLmailto:” tag has a SPACE (%20) after the :(colon) and before the ?subject, then when I click on it, Thunderbird pops up, but with NO “TO” FIELD. And, this problem persists even when I Create New in Thunderbird.

The only cure I have found is to make a new HTML document with a mailto: tag WITHOUT that space, then click on that new link.

Does Thunderbird have a way of turning on/off the TO dialog box?

scottparat answers:

Start > Prorgam > Thunderbird > Thunderbird (Safe mode)
see if that solves it?

Otherwise use postbox-
its a email client made from thunderbird but lot fast in performance and features and ofcourse free

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