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Keyword Research Question

George asks…

How to research keywords to get the great niche for my first minisite?

i will make my first minisite, but i don’t know how to began research keyword for my niche target.

scottparat answers:

You can use free keyword tools such as the google keyword tool to help you research keywords. There’s tons of other options out there. It’s kind of ironic that this question was asked because a few days ago, I needed the same kind of help.

I actually started googling ways to research keywords when I came across an automated way. Visit to watch the video…this should be perfect for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Ken asks…

Does anyone know of any good cigar manufacturers? I’m doing keyword research for a new site and need HELP!!?

My partner and I are doing some research for a new cigar product and would like to know if anyone knows of any good cigar manufacturers or websites that we can take a look at. Thanks!!

scottparat answers:

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