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Keyword Research Question

Nancy asks…

what is the importance of keywords in a web page?

I need to know the use of keywords in a web page and how it effects the search engine rankings?I will also be interested in knowing the best company providing keyword research at an affordable price.

scottparat answers:

Meta keywords are the most important aspect of SEO work is that since keywords are what people look for when they plug terms into a search engine. This is to match terms to relevant results on web pages. As such, do it yourself SEO algorithms will rank the presence of keywords on a page as one of the most important factors for do it yourself SEO placement within the web page.

Charles asks…

Do I need to pay to use yahoo search marketing?

Do I need to pay to use yahoo search marketing? I want to find keywords research and how many pay per click bids on that keyword search. Is there another website that provides this research for free? Thank you.

scottparat answers:

Aaron Wall’s SEOBook website has lists of various keyword research tools including free ones. Check that out first

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