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Keyword Research Question

Susan asks…

Does Buying Youtube Views Work To Help Your Google Ranking?

I upload a few videos every now and then for my business and I do know how to do keyword research. Even though I pick low-competition keywords, my videos never really rank first on google or youtube. I Know there are some services that allow me to buy youtube views (Dont worry I know what they are – Do not Spam me with affiliate websites) My Question is, does it work to help your ratings?

scottparat answers:

In my opinion, these Pay for View sites do nothing more than inflate your viewcount. It does not encourage more activity on your videos from real people. Your better bet is to use AdWords and narrow your demographic down to people who you know will watch your video. Their options for selecting demographics are really comprehensive, and the views you do get are real. It is up to the viewer if they will stay and watch or not.

Plus, there is no implications of breaking the YouTube terms of service!

If you have any questions, you can contact me on YouTube:

Mary asks…

What words would you use in google?

Hey Everyone, I’m working for a graphic design company that does logos and business cards for small business. We want to master SEO and as a first step we would like to do some keyword research.
Imagine you’re looking for an agency to do your company’s logo over the internet.

What words would you use to search for that service in Google, Bing or yahoo?????
Thank you.

scottparat answers:

There are many keyword research tools that will help you to keyword analysis. Some of the tools that you can use:

Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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