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Keyword Research Question

Jenny asks…

How do i get paid for advertising on my website?

I heard from someone, that you can advertise other peoples businesses on your own website and get paid for it. How do i do that? I know nothing about this, can you give me some keywords so i can research this. I researched it a bit and it come up with adwords and affilitot thing but i didn’t get a lot of information and didn’t understand. Can you explain this to me. How do i get paid for advertising other peoples websites?

scottparat answers:

Advertising your business one of the only ways people will know you are in business. Of course you have word of mouth which is the best way to advertise your business, but it’s hard to receive traffic from people in states that you have never done business in before.
This is the main reason why you need to advertise your business for others across the states to see.

Thomas asks…

How I can make googlebot collects right keywords in my website?

It seems that googlebot visits my web and crawls keywords of the website. But I found it collects no make sense words which do not represent the contents of my website. I wonder how I can make the googlebot collects correct keywords that I want to be collected. I use both English and a foreign language in my contents. I wonder this would affect to the wrong keywords. Anyway, any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.

scottparat answers:

The only way is to make sure that your chosen keywords are on the page enough times. The number of times a keyword is found on a page is called “keyword density”. You shouldn’t have a keyword density of more than 10% or it might be seen as spamming the page with your keyword.

Below is a “Quick Fix How To” Guide. Although the subject is huge, this will at least get you started improving things quickly.

You are obviously at the stage where you know what your keywords are and have done some research, so first, identify your 5 top keywords. Try to concentrate on 5 keywords per page – more than that and you are diluting their effectiveness. If you have more then at least go through this process with those 5, then see if you can fit in others one by one.

1. Make a list of your keywords and keyphrases. Keyphrases are better than keywords. So don’t list “shoes, sandals, footwear” as your keywords, but “ladies court shoes, mens Jesus sandals, cheap childrens footwear”.
2. Get your keywords into the TITLE meta tag
3. Get your keywords into the DESCRIPTION meta tag
4. Get your keywords into the KEYWORDS meta tag
5. Break your page up with titles using the H1 and H2 tags – try to make your keywords these titles.
6. Make sure you put your keywords into the actual copy on your page.

Hope that helps.

Once you’ve got your keywords, if you want to start using Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website, can I suggest Keyword Discovery. I use it all the time to manage and sort my keywords and write Google Adwords. Keyword Discovery also works with other PPC systems (Overture/Yahoo and MSN).

You just import all your keyword lists and in a few seconds it has removed all the duplicates and enabled you to group your words together. You can read about Keyword Discovery here:

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