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Keyword Research Question

James asks…

It is possible to become a military pilot if I have eye surgery?

I have done a research but still I am not sure that candidates who have eye surgery are allowed to be military pilots. I do not want to be a pilot of fighter but an aviator of military-transport aircraft. I don’t know requirements for military-transport aircraft aviators. If you know any information about requirements, please, write me an answer.
A little bit about my health:
I have myopia(-3.5 diopters) and, may be, astigmatism(I am not sure). Except my vision problems, I have perfect health.
And about me:
I am 15 years old.
P.S. I actually want to be a commercial aviation pilot, but I will need to join Air Force. Civilian way to implement my dream is too expensive for my parents.

scottparat answers:

Glad to hear you want to become a military pilot. I’m an Air Force and civilian pilot who had to get an eye waiver to fly because of my astigmatism. First off, you are not qualified to fly after having eye surgery without a waiver. That being said waivers are very common for those who have had both LASIK and PRK. Each person has to be reviewed individually, but many of my fellow pilot buddies have had either LASIK or PRK. I didn’t even have to get the surgery because I qualified for a waiver as long as I wear glasses. The regulation the covers all AF medical requirements is AFI-48-123 which you can get at

Don’t get your eye surgery now though. The AF prefers that you get it while your in college or at the AF Academy. That way they can approve everything ahead of time so the waiver is a breeze.

I wrote a book called Your Road to Wings: How to Become an Air Force Pilot which is available on Amazon and other retailers if you’re interested in learning more about the process. You can check it out at:


Let me know if you have more questions or want to talk specifics. I’d be happy to help and my contact info is below.

Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

How much do companies typically pay per click for online advertisements?

Hello, so I’m doing some research into advertising and I’m basically wondering – How much do companies pay the website owner per click on one of their advertisements? What is the minimum and the maximum? I have a potential business idea involving advertising and I’m just wondering how much they pay per click so I can see if it’s viable.

I’ve called a few companies but they seem to be reluctant to release this sort of information

scottparat answers:

It’s a difficult question to answer as generally companies ‘bid’ for an advertising spot and the highest bidder gets the spot. Therefore, the amount the company pays when someone clicks depends on the bid and can range from 10p up to £2.00.

You need to research the keywords you’ll be targetting, to get a better idea of competition and the level of bids for that content.

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