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Keyword Research Software Question

Sharon asks…

Is their a way to find out what keywords are goggled more than any other?

I was wanting to start selling on the the net but before I attempt selling anything I was wondering if their was a way to find out what most people are interested in by seeing Google statistics .Or is their another venue for research on this like a piece of software that does this for you.
I would appreciate any info and as much info as possible on the subject.Thank you ahead of time

scottparat answers:

Yes, just search Google’s Keyword tools and type in most search keywords SEO. The Keyword tool will provide you with the stats.

Linda asks…

WIP330 and Skype fix *?*?

I’ve just purchased the WIP330 and awaiting to get..

I been reading stories about skype and the linksys wip330 phone removed in later fireware upgrades, and removes if manually installed on the phone after reboots.

I’ve been doing some research and found the WIP330 runs Windows CE… I found a quote from the IBM website:

“Read-only files cannot be removed from Windows CE devices.”


“A software removal job uses the Windows CE registered software information or the contents of the software package to remove the software. A software removal job can also remove specific files and directories (including wildcards), change or remove a registry keyword, stop software that is running, restart the device, and so on.”

So, Linksys has setup one of these jobs to remove the skype files and settings…. after reboot…. So any suggestions?

scottparat answers:

Maybe they don’t want it on their phone and won’t allow you to install it! Lets face it’s a phone and they don’t want a rival phone company on it!

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