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Linkin Park Question

Sandra asks…

How can I ask linkin park about copyrights?

For my paintball team I want to use the LP logo that linkin park uses. I want this logo on our jersey but I don’t want any issues. Is there anyway I can contact the band manager or members for permission to use the logo as our team logo?

scottparat answers:

Try emailing them

Lizzie asks…

How Early Should I arrive at a Linkin Park Concert at Madison Square Garden?

I am attending the linkin park concert at madison square garden. I have general admission floor seats and want to get a good spot. I plan on arrving around three hours before the show. Is this enough time to get rather decent spots or what?

scottparat answers:

I think you have a good plan and by showing up early you will get the best seat in the house.
There is a old saying that the early bird get the most worm it look like you are the early bird.

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